Collect Bunny Hide

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Collect Bunny Hide

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Title: Collect Bunny Hide
Summary of Steps:
Slay the bunnies in Brightwyn Forest to collect Bunny Hide.
0/10 Bunny hide Collected

Trigger Criteria: Speak to Bartender Butterbee
Prerequisites: None
Minimum Combat Level: 2+
Other skills required: None
Location: Bartender Butterbee's house Brightwyn Village (444, 289)
Rewards: 2XP

Bunny Hides (quest item) are collected from Forest Bunnies, these are spread throughout the starter area Brightwyn Village, Brightwyn Forest and Loch Bree. The further West you travel the higher the mob levels are, so collecting bunnies on or around the path to Loch Bree is safest for lower level players. Once collected return to Bartender Butterbee for the reward.

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