Gather Scattered Wood

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Gather Scattered Wood

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Title: Gather Scattered Wood
Summary of Steps:
Gather Scattered Wood in Brightwyn Forest
0/10 Scattered Wood Collected

Trigger Criteria: Speak to Woodcutter Stump
Prerequisites: None
Minimum Combat Level: 1
Other skills required: None
Location: Just north of Brightwyn Village (442, 294)
Rewards: 5XP

Collect Scattered Wood (quest item) off the ground for Woodcutter Stump. The wood can be found close to Loch Bree, start at about (439, 301) the area to the north of the path's Y junction and close to the loch is where the wood can be found. This has the same appearance as Oak Logs. Once collected return to Woodcutter Stump for the reward.

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